Wessex Eco Fuels is a distributor of eco friendly and sustainable energy fuels.

We distribute a wide range of ecological fuel products which have come from UK recycled material and original UK grown biomass. All have very few petrol miles.

Our Wood Products

Dried Mixed hard wood logs which come from the woods around Salisbury area and are the products of good wood and copse management. We do not use forest trees specifically grown for harvesting.

Kindling comes from recycled building materials which, have been saved from land refill. It is cut and bagged by the Pathway workshop a charity which gives productive employment and training for disadvantaged adults between 16 and 80, with both physical disabilities and those with learning impairment.

Our BioMass Products

IF YOU CARE 100% Biomass Firelighters are made with wood from FSC-certified forests and 100% non-GMO vegetable oil. They are non-toxic and harmless when in contact with plants, vegetation and aquatic organisms. They can safely be stored near food.

PPO Pure Plant Oil or SVO suitable for static diesel engines which is produced to European standards. It is supplied in either 1000 litre or by tanker


We are pleased to supply bulk supplies to overseas customers. Please call or email us.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope that you find it interesting. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss with us the distribution or purchase of your renewable energy product.

rapeseed oil field

Wessex Eco Fules is always on the lookout for sustainable and ecologically beneficial fuel products to expand our product range.

If you are have an eco fuel for distribution please contact us.

We also sell other eco products, e.g. Carborobot Biomass Boilers, via our Eco Products website.

Fuel for sustainability

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